Power of Attorney Set-up

Peck & Tuneski, P.C. would be happy to prepare a Power of Attorney for you. Our fees for the preparation of a Power of Attorney for real estate transactions are typically $125.00 for the first Power, and $150.00 if we are doing Powers for a married couple. This is only an estimate, and assumes that our sole responsibility is acting as a drafter of the document. If we are representing you in a real estate transaction, this fee will be in addition to our normal flat fee for such representation. For General Durable Powers of Attorney we do not quote flat fees as preparation of such documents typically involve discussions of needs and the broad authority that these documents grant.  Once completed, the form must be executed in front of a Notary Public and 2 witnesses, one of which may be the Notary Public. If you wish our office to serve as the Notary Public, please contact us to arrange for an appointment. Please complete the entire form. Until we have informed you of our representation, you should not assume that our office has been retained to represent you in preparing this document. We look forward to working with you, and thank you for the opportunity.

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