Our Team

Tina Andrews   Rebecca C. Carpenteri
    Ext. 2136
Tina   Rebecca
Tina has the second longest tenure of any member of the Peck & Tuneski, P.C. staff, having joined the firm in 1986, shortly after Pat Modzelewski.  She is an experienced Real Estate Closing Paralegal, who now handles the title searching duties for the firm. She is married to Jon Peck and lives with their two children, Jeremy and Jaden.   Rebecca has been with Peck & Tuneski, P.C. since 1990.  During her time with us, she has provided legal support for several attorneys and now works as Jon Peck’s assistant.  She is also responsible for all book-keeping responsibilities. Rebecca is originally from Denver, but has lived in Southeastern Connecticut for over twenty years.  Becky's favorite pass time is spending time with her husband and son.


Candice Hanes
Ext. 2150
Candice rejoined Peck & Tuneski, P.C. in 2015 as a Real Estate Closing Paralegal.  She worked in that same capacity for us in the early 2000 before leaving to take care of her family.  After working as a branch manager for a local credit union she decided to some back to Peck & Tuneski.  We welcomed her back.


Monique Montanari
Ext. 2156

Monique joined Peck & Tuneski, P.C. in 2013 as Pat Modzelewski's assistant.  Her experience in the law has allowed her to step right in understanding our client's needs.  She can be reached in our New London office.



Cheryl Brown
Ext. 2129

Cheryl joined Peck & Tuneski, P.C. in 2015.  She joins our office in the post closing area. Cheryl's experience working at local banks in loan processing brings a special attention to detail that post closing requires.  Cheryl lives in East Lyme with her family.


Andrea M. Duthrie  
Ext. 2133  
Andrea has been a Real Estate Closing Paralegal with Peck & Tuneski, P.C. since 1991.  She has over twenty six years experience helping clients with their real estate closing needs.  Andrea has a contagious laugh and quick wit.  She has lived in New London County her whole life and enjoys spending time with her family.  
Marianne Trehern  
Ext. 2120  

Marianne joined the firm in 2005, and has been our face at the front desk during that time.  She is responsible for being the first contact with our clients.  Marianne is the proud mother of three and amazingly, a brand new grandmother.

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